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Tōri-touge Pass and Maruyama-senmaida

It’s almost a year and a half since my parents and I moved to Mie prefecture in Japan. However, I had never been to southern area where tourists like to go sightseeing. One day in May, I found an interesting article about Maruyama-senmaida: One of Japan’s largest terraced paddy fields in Maruyama-district, Kiwa-town, Kumano-city. I was so fascinated with the picture of scenery and really wanted to explore that area. So, soon after I read that article, I took the bus to Kumano city.

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Spean Preah Toeus (One of the ancient bridge in Kompong Kdey village, Cambodia)

That calf was happily jumping and running around his mother when I visited the bridge. But once he noticed my presence, came up to me without hesitation so I got a chance to pat him on the head :)

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